Shamanic Healing

with Internal Family Systems

Parts of you that are ready to heal might be showing up as anxiety, pain, illness, addiction, problems with relationships, work issues, or emotional stress. There is no part of you that is bad or wrong. Even the most troublesome or disturbing behaviors, thoughts and feelings actually have good intentions.


These transformative verbal sessions allow your own active healing presence (higher self) to be the heart of the healing process. The purpose of a session is to understand and let go of the patterns that no longer serve you. This often includes healing and releasing pain being held from past experiences. As a result, your energy is realigned and you are empowered to live in alignment with your true compassionate, confident, and creative nature. The sessions go at a pace your nervous system is comfortable with, allowing you to communicate and be heard whenever needed throughout the session.


When scheduling your session, please allow yourself time to rest and relax afterwards. While the sessions are gentle, the results are powerful and deep, so allow time to integrate the effects.

Shamanic Healing sessions are also available as distance sessions over the phone. To request a distance session, email Liz at

For more information, please see frequently asked questions or feel free to contact me.

90-Minutes (Recommended): *$110

60-Minutes: *$75

*For those in financial hardship, pricing adjustments for Reiki Energy Healing and Shamanic Healing sessions are available. Email Liz at to discuss before booking.


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