Welcome to Holistic Energy Healing with Elizabeth Dansby. I would be honored to support you during your healing journey. I offer two types of healing sessions: Internal Family Systems and Reiki. Both sessions are customized for your specific healing needs and include assessment, discussion, and recommendations for follow-up care or self work as needed. Sessions can be done in person or over distance on the phone. 


Please feel free to email me or schedule a free phone consultation if you have any questions.


Reiki is a Japanese modality that works with the subtle energetic field surrounding and within the body to allow physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 


During these sessions, it's common to feel relaxed and peaceful as your own healing energy fills your body and aura. Sometimes the healing process can be uncomfortable, and you may temporarily experience heavy emotions or uncomfortable sensations. This is a result of stuck energies or wounds coming to the surface for healing and release.

Reiki sessions are done on a massage table and can include light touch over your clothes. Ideally, schedule a session where you have the opportunity to rest and relax afterwards.

30 Minute Reiki Session: $55

60 Minute Reiki Session: $90

90 Minute Reiki Session: $120

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Parts of you that are ready to heal might be showing up as anxiety, pain, illness, addiction, problems with relationships, work issues, or extreme emotional stress. Internal Family Systems healing sessions work to help you find and heal your symptoms at their root cause, which is often related to a previous trauma, emotional wound, or childhood experience. These transformative sessions allow your own active healing presence (higher self) to be the heart of the healing process.


During a session, Elizabeth gently guides you to discover parts of you that are ready to heal. Elizabeth will travel with you to places in your timeline where parts of you are stuck. Her role is to remain anchored in the higher self and to guide you in the clearing process, getting to the root of the issue and releasing patterns that no longer serve you. With an Internal Family Systems healing session, issues that seem insurmountable can be transmuted and dissolved for good. Once trauma is released from your system, energy that was once trapped can be redirected into something positive and fulfilling, allowing you to safely enjoy a future different from what you've always known. 

Ideally, schedule a session where you have the opportunity to rest and relax after this deep release.

Internal Family Systems Session (First IFS Session): $120

Internal Family Systems Session (Return Client): $100

(Sessions are approximately 90 minutes.)

Sliding Scale

I offer a limited number of sessions at a sliding scale rate for people who are experiencing financial hardship. Please contact me at to discuss before booking if you need a sliding scale rate. 

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