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Every part of you is worthy of love, joy, and freedom,

including the parts that have been hurt, judged, or misunderstood,

and even the challenging parts that act in destructive or confusing ways.

My goal is to help you find, understand, heal, and integrate the parts of you that are in pain or suffering, so you can live the aligned, peaceful, and fulfilling life you deserve.

Healing Sessions

Stuck, fragmented, or traumatized parts of you can show up in many forms, including anxiety, pain, mental or physical illness, addiction, problems with relationships, work issues, or emotional stress.

The healing techniques I use and teach are informed by tools from the Internal Family Systems model and somatic trauma-integration techniques that work to help you find and promote healing of your symptoms at their root cause, which is often related to a previous trauma, emotional wound, or childhood experience. These empowering techniques allow your own active healing presence to be the heart of the process.

During a session, we pay close attention to your current experiences to discover parts of you that are ready to heal. As appropriate, I will travel with you to places in your timeline where parts of you are stuck and I will guide you in the healing process, using your own core self energy, getting to the root of the issue and energetically healing patterns and trauma that no longer serves you. Once trauma is healed, energy that was once trapped can naturally be redirected into something positive and fulfilling. Parts of you that were once stuck in debilitating trauma-patterns can be completely free to experience a new reality.

A healing session can also include coaching for:

  • Breaking free from old patterns, timelines, and paradigms, and aligning with your soul's purpose.

  • Somatic trauma release, alchemical transmutation, and soul integration.

  • Fulfilling the dreams on your heart with more ease.

  • Maintaining a healthy, strong, and peaceful energetic field, even if you're a sensitive, empathic soul.

Sessions and Pricing:

  • All sessions are done over the phone or video call.

  • Healing sessions are $150 and approximately 90 minutes.

  • Casual coaching sessions are also available. These sessions are $90 and approximately 60 minutes. These sessions are available when you're wanting to connect, discuss personal issues, brainstorm new ideas, etc, but without the intention of deep trauma healing or parts work during the session. 

  • I also offer healing and casual coaching sessions for couples or family relationships. I recommend individual sessions first, but it is not required. 

  • Accessibility pricing is available; please inquire when booking. 


Session length can vary because of the depth of our work, so please allow for extra time in case it's needed. Healing sessions can take a lot of energy, so please schedule your session so that you have space and time to relax and integrate afterwards.


To schedule, please e-mail, call, or text me:

Liz Dansby


Learn more about Liz here.

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