My name is Liz and my specialties are Internal Family Systems and Reiki Energy Healing. Learn more about these healing sessions here.


About Me:

My life has led me on a healer's journey. I was drawn at an early age to be of service to humanity, but along the way, I discovered that I was in need of deep healing myself. I worked for six years as a pediatric psychiatric nurse, where I began learning intensively about the devastating effects of trauma and the powerful healing effects of empathy and compassion. My own symptoms of anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide eventually pushed me to look for alternative ways to heal, beyond western medicine. My soul was calling me to something deeper. I quit my job and I began doing yoga, became a metaphysics student, started getting massages and energy work, and changed my diet in an attempt to heal myself. I found much relief and inspiration with those activities and modalities, but I still continued to struggle with my health in all areas. I discovered the Internal Family Systems (IFS) healing modality almost by accident as part of an online school, and the results astounded me. Through learning and practicing IFS, I realized how deeply impacted we are by our past experiences, but how quickly we can heal when we are shown how. I soon discovered that I was a natural at guiding others through these sessions and my prior work and life experiences had been preparing me to do so. My healing journey has greatly strengthened my access to my intuition, and I developed the capacity to channel healing energy through my hands using Reiki. I love to combine IFS and Reiki, as the combination allows for particularly efficient, effective, and deep healing.


In 2017, I received Reiki certifications through Indra's Grace Yoga studio. In 2018, I graduated from Activation Coaching’s New Earth Self Leadership Academy, where I learned the Internal Family Systems modality and studied lucid dreaming and Human Design. I completed a 200 hour Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher training through Trinity Yoga in 2016 and received a Respondere Certificate from the School of Metaphysics in 2017. I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington. 


Liz Dansby

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