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My name is Liz Dansby, and I would be honored to support you on your healing journey. 


I am passionate about the powerful healing effects of empathy and compassion and helping my clients heal at the root cause. During shamanic healing sessions, I help my clients safely and gently find lasting relief, clarity, and empowerment, using their very own natural self-healing abilities. 

Early in my career, I worked for six years as a pediatric psychiatric nurse, where I began learning intensively about the devastating effects of trauma and the importance of genuine empathy in the healing process. For most of my life, I struggled with intense emotional and mental health challenges that I didn't understand or know how to heal. My symptoms severely impacted my life and well-being and I often thought I needed to work harder, that I was lazy, selfish, or just a bad person. I was confused about my own symptoms that sounded just like childhood trauma symptoms because I wasn't aware of any trauma in my childhood. I tried going to therapy and I sought medical help for my symptoms, but I wasn't making the progress I needed or finding lasting relief. I was struggling to function.

I eventually quit my job as a nurse and I began doing yoga and studying metaphysics, searching for answers, relief, and meaning. I became a yoga teacher, graduated from a metaphysical school, and meditated frequently. I found inspiration and hope with those activities and teachings and I started to gain a closer connection to my spirit, but in many ways my health actually got much worse. As more symptoms of my trauma started to emerge, my teachers did not have the skills or knowledge to effectively support or guide me and I felt at a loss.

In 2016, I began learning techniques from the Internal Family Systems modality, which helped me to finally start to get to the root of many of my symptoms, helping me to become aware of, have compassion for, and heal traumatized parts of myself in ways I previously couldn't have imagined were possible. I became a licensed massage therapist in 2016 and I started to practice Reiki in 2017. When I practiced massage therapy and Reiki, I learned to much more deeply understand subtle energy flow and trauma holding patterns in the body. I discovered that I had a natural, intuitive and energetic ability to help my clients become conscious of and heal past traumas.

In 2020, I began studying and having sessions with a multidimensional energy healing mentor who helped me heal even more and address ancestral/genetic trauma and past life trauma with a variety of intuitive and energetic methods and trauma-integration techniques. These experiences greatly added to my understanding of our vast multidimensional nature and how trauma can have such a deep and complicated impact on our well-being. 

As a result of all of my personal and educational experiences along my healing journey, I have found very profound and life-changing healing for myself. I have developed a capacity to guide others on their journeys while holding genuine, compassionate, and non-judgmental space for transformational healing.

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